La Quête d'Ewilan

ANDARTA pictures, 2019

La Fille dans l'écran

Graphic Novel - MARABULLES, 2019

Co-created with french comic artist Lou Lubie, La Fille dans l'Ecran wants to explore a new way to tell one story with two voices

Finis Terrae

Animatic, 2017

Final project from the storyboard course at The Animation Workshop

Alice cut scene

Story-board, 2017

Storyboard exercise based on a script from a cut scene of Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016)

Run away

Story-board, 2017

Storyboard exercise using characters from an existing show (Over the Garden Wall, 2014)

About me

ANDARTA pictures

France, 2019

Storyboard for the pilot of La Quête d'Ewilan


France, Québec, Italy, 2019

Graphic Novel La Fille dans l'Ecran

The Animation Workshop

Denmark, 2017

Professonnial Storyboard Course

Zodiak Kids Studio

France, 2016-2017

Posing and build flash for the characters of MAGIKI season 1


France, 2014-2016

Bachelor of Art Degree with major in 2D animation

Le Forum Dessiné

Online, 2009-2017

Le Forum Dessiné is a website where over 2,000 artists create digital comics together. As a moderator, I am ensuring the quality of the content and contributing to the organisation of the main events and collective projects.

I work using...

Photoshop, Flash, Toon Boom and TV Paint


Currently living in Paris, France.
Willing to relocate!

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